Which somehow increases your device performance whenever you are doing or playing games on your mobile. So, You have to transfer all large media how to connect two monitors to a laptop files like videos, photos & even apps to external storage. Because if Minecraft has installed the internal storage & if it’s completely used & full by these files then definitely Minecraft will lag. Hopefully, using any of the above methods, the freezing and lagging issues of your PS4 will be fixed. Now, try to use the PS4 and see if its performance has improved now and your freezing and lagging issue is fixed. To check the internet connection, perform these steps. The PS4 may be freezing and lagging because of not being updated to the latest version.

  • Now, you need to double-click on the default playback device on the Sound settings.
  • And the second one is Team voice chat, in which all team members can hear each other while talking over the microphone.
  • Then, locate and right-click on the Blizzard Entertainment folder.
  • The most popular and regular reason for Minecraft Lagin the multiplayer mode of the game is due to highLatency.

From gaming tips to hardware reviews, I write about all aspects of gaming. Well, if you try to stream at the same time, you may run into problems.

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Sometimes this is enough to get you into a game that works. Xbox One players can go to My Games & Apps, highlight the Queue and then press the controller button with three lines and choose pause installation. Wait 5-10 seconds and then resume the installation and download.

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No matter which setting you create your world on, your map on Minecraft will still be huge, so loading it at once is no easy feat for your computer. To prevent this from creating lag, Render Distance can manipulate how much you can see at once. Your game version, current FPS, and recent chunk updates are in the top left.

How to make modded Minecraft less laggy

If you experience lag in your system and not just Minecraft, it is best to scan your PC for viruses and malware using Windows Defender or the Antivirus of your choice. Start the scan and the Windows Defender/antivirus will take care of the rest. Your game will have more RAM than previously allocated. But be careful not to change the value below 2 GB as it may cause unwanted problems to your game. You will see a box titledJVM Argumentsat the bottom of the list.