Understanding the Need for Renter Insurance

Fort Myers Renters Insurance
Renter’s insurance is one of the best and least expensive types of coverage that a person or family in Fort Myers can buy in today’s market. This type of insurance protects all of the belongings of anyone who is renting their residence, and in many cases can even provide some basic liability coverage. However, it is important to understand what is and isn’t covered.

Essentially, this insurance covers everything in a tenant’s home or apartment that is not an integral part of the structure. Because the structure of a dwelling is not owned by the tenant, it is not his or her responsibility to fix damage that occurs as a result of a natural disaster. For example, a tropical storm could destroy the windows of a rented home and allow water inside that damages furniture. Replacing the windows is the responsibility of the landlord, while the damaged furniture is the responsibility of the tenant to fix or replace.

For this reason, renter’s insurance policies typically do not cover things such as windows, walls, doors, carpet, and appliances that are part of the house or apartment. Covered items typically include a tenant’s furniture, electronics, jewelry, clothing, and in some cases even the food in the refrigerator (although not the refrigerator itself). Depending on the type of coverage that a person chooses, the policy will require the insured to pay a deductible, and then compensate the insured for the value of the items. In some cases, these policies will provide the replacement value for any lost or damaged items.

Items that are covered by these types of policies are protected in the event of a natural disaster or criminal event such as a robbery. Because these types of disasters can happen to anyone, it is generally recommended that anyone who is renting a property have renter’s insurance. Fortunately, these policies typically only cost a few dollars a month, making them one of the least expensive types of insurance most people can buy.

Furthermore, it is good practice to take photo’s or video of everything contained in the apartment, condo or home. Also list everything of value; it can be a nightmare in the aftermath of a disaster or robbery to remember everything contained in a home and to provide proof to insurance companies. Photo or video documentation

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