The warm Florida sunshine is a beacon to motorcycle riders with an abundance of scenic views along bike tours and rides. As they prepare for their bike ride, SW Florida motorcyclists should also ensure that they understand Florida motorcycle insurance laws and that they are prepared in case of an accident.

Motorcycle Insurance SW Florida

‘I thought Florida did not require motorcycle insurance’

Although the law does not require that motorcycle owners over the age of 21 must have insurance to register a vehicle with DMV, any who do not wear a helmet must carry proof of a $10,000 medical insurance policy. Because Florida’s no-fault insurance laws do not cover motorcycles, the Personal Injury Protection that most drivers have to cover their own medical bills in case of an accident, is not available to motorcycle operators.

Financial Responsibility Law

All Florida motorists, including motorcyclists, do however fall under the Financial Responsibility Law that states that if do not have insurance and you cause an accident or are involved in an incident such as DUI, you are considered financially responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from the accident. If you do not have the money and do not have property damage and bodily liability insurance, you could be sued for damages and personal injuries to others. You may be subject to a penalty and could lose your license and registration. Additionally you will be required to obtain expensive high-risk motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

There are a variety of insurance coverage options available for motorcycle owners in SW Florida and these may include:

  • Liability Insurance provides the required coverage for bodily injury and property damage, if you are the cause of an accident involving your motorcycle.
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage: Comprehensive insurance provides coverage for non-collision motorcycle damage, such as if your bike is stolen or damaged as the result of inclement weather. Collision coverage provides insurance coverage for motorcycle damage if you are the cause of an accident.
  • Other coverage may include medical payments coverage, uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage or recovery for damage to or loss of equipment such as helmets.

Why have motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance protects you financially from the burden of covering all out of pocket expenses in case of an accident that you are the at-fault party. In the event that you are involved in an accident or your bike is severely damaged or stolen, motorcycle insurance is a necessity.

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