If you move to Florida to live year-round or only live in the area as a snowbird, then you probably own some type of watercraft. One of the main reasons that someone wants to live in Cape Coral or Fort Myers, is because of the region’s proximity to the ocean or other waterways. To enjoy boating or fishing, you may buy a small boat, sailboat or yacht, and this means needing boat owner’s insurance coverage. Not only do you need boat owner’s insurance to protect you financially in case of an accident that causes a personal injury or property damage, but also, you need coverage according to other local regulations.

Agents Understand the Boat Owner’s Insurance Regulations in Different Cities

Marine or boat owner’s insurance is required in various regions of Florida according to different standards, but Herndon Carr & Co. is able to assist customers living in a variety of cities, including:

• Punta Gorda
• Sanibel Island
• Estero
• Bonita Springs
• Naples
• Port Charlotte
• Fort Myers
• Cape Coral

Types of Insurance Coverage Required by Boat Owners in Florida

A boat owner needs to have protection for onshore and offshore disasters that can occur, such as:

• Pollution – fuel spillage cleanup on land or in the water
• Removal – specialized equipment to lift a sunk or capsized boat
• Fire – fire damage to other watercraft or structures
• Towing – pulling a nonfunctional watercraft to shore
• Uninsured boat owner’s coverage – financial protection from an uninsured boat owner
• Medical payments – coverage for you or someone else
• Liability – protection from lawsuits concerning injuries or damage
• Full-coverage – full-cost replacement for a destroyed watercraft
• Weather – damage or destruction from severe weather

Maintain the Boat Owner’s Insurance Coverage Required by Lenders

When moving to Florida and buying a watercraft, you must have appropriate training to operate the vessel along with boat owner’s insurance coverage. If you borrow money from a bank or credit union to purchase a boat, then the lender will require a certain amount of financial protection to cover losses incurred from damages or total destruction.

Contact Herndon Carr & Co. to Learn More about Boat Owner’s Insurance

The agents working for Herndon Carr & Co. are ready to help customers choose a policy that meets local regulations and provides financial protection for any disaster that can occur. Anyone interested in insurance products from Herndon Carr & Co. can contact agents with an online messaging system or make a telephone call to one of these numbers:

• Statewide – 1-800-998-7551
• Fort Myers – 239-939-1996
• Cape Coral – 239-205-6072

Protect yourself from devastating lawsuits from anyone who is injured or has property damaged during a boating accident by purchasing the correct amount of boat owner’s insurance.

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